Basic Income Edmonton is a team of people from the Edmonton area advocating for a basic income for all Canadians.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to educate ourselves and others on the pros and cons of a basic income. Our vision is economic security, leading to safe, healthy communities.


Nine Reasons for a Basic Income

1. It’s good for the economy.
   Research has shown that government spending grows economies.

2. It can improve health and lower health care costs.
   The World Health Organization has stated that poverty is the single largest factor in health.

3. It can lower crime rates.

4. It’s more inclusive and dignified than what we have now.
   Our current safety net is cumbersome and full of holes.

5. We don’t have job or wage security.

6. Automation is increasing, and much work is precarious.

7. You can afford to stay in or go back to school.

8. You can afford to take care of loved ones or volunteer.

9. Poverty is a human rights issue.
   Dignity for all.