Alberta Mayors back Basic Income

It turns out that Alberta mayors back the concept of a Universal Basic Income. Edmonton mayor, Don Iveson, has stated support for testing minecom policies in Calgary and Edmonton, while Calgary mayor, Naheed Nenshi, suggested that the implementation of a negative income tax could assist those living in poverty.

Which is why the upcoming Forward Thinking Speaker Series hosted by the Edmonton Public Library is so exciting. On December 7th, Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson and Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi will be participating in a Mayors’ Forum, moderated by Paula Simons, on the topic of building strong communities. This will hopefully be a great opportunity for them to address poverty and the possibility of Calgary and Edmonton participating in a Basic Income pilot project. Check out the Speaker Series website for tickets and details.

Forward Thinking Speaker Series

Basic income idea wins backing of Alberta mayors

3 thoughts on “Alberta Mayors back Basic Income

  1. mo mohamed hamed

    hi can u email my where i can vote to sapport the edmonton universal basic income .thank u

    1. admin

      There is nowhere to vote on it, but you can write letters. The Canadian group has had a letter writing campaign (see links page for link). And you can write or call your MP and MLA.


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