Meetup March 21

Candice and I will be meeting March 21, at HUB mall at the University of Alberta, in one of the lounges, sometime in the late afternoon or evening (after 4:30 pm). If you want to join us (please do!) and a particular time works best for you, you can reply to this post or email me at Also, if you have a favourite lounge, let me know. We’ll probably meet at the one across from the coffee shop that’s open in the evening, at least to start with. I don’t remember what it’s called but will update when I do. We’ll probably also meet at 6pm because that’s what we did before, but we can change it to suit whoever’s coming.

I think we need to go back a bit, and just talk about what we want to do and where we’re at.

Also if anyone wants to meet me at another time to talk about basic income or the group, I’d be happy to meet with you.

3 thoughts on “Meetup March 21

  1. Ignace Kenyata


    I would like to get included in the Meeting on March 21st please.Ccould I would be interested to meet ing you before March 21 around a cup of coffee.



  2. Anemone Post author

    Our meet-up will be in the LRT Lounge, near the south end of Hub Mall on the west side (easy to find, with lots of tables to sit around). There’s a coffee shop just south of it on the other side, and lots of other things open in the evening as well. If that location doesn’t work, we can move somewhere else in the mall once everyone is there.

    There is free parking in the area after 6pm, and a parking lot next to Hub Mall that is $5 flat rate (iirc) after 4:30pm. Given the street parking situation (free after 6!), we can meet up between 6 and 6:30 pm. I will be there at 6pm, and people can arrive whenever is best for them. I will post a reminder in the week prior to the meet up.


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