Monthly Archives: December 2017

We’re not really active right now

In case you’re wondering, we’re not really active right now. There aren’t enough of us and not everyone has enough time right now, unfortunately. But we’re all still very interested and hope more people will get involved in promoting basic income here in Edmonton.

I (Anemone) am willing to meet up with anyone who wants to talk in person, or we can email ( You can also contact the Calgary group, who are more organized and who are looking to organize people across Alberta. They’re at

In the meantime this site isn’t going anywhere.

Miscellaneous links moved from the links page

None of these are important enough to have on the links page, but are still worth having somewhere.


Basic Income: Left Perspectives. Canadian Dimension, Volume 50, Issue 3: Summer 2016.

Better education, better jobs, will be result of basic income: Entrepreneur. Interview with Zachary Beaudoin (who is in Edmonton), April 18, 2016. Basic Income Canada Network.

A basic income guarantee is both feasible and feminist. Anemone Cerridwen, April 13, 2016. Feminist Current.


Freakonomics: Is the World Ready for a Guaranteed Basic Income?

YouTube: Why does everyone have to work?

Against the Grain: Unconditional Basic Income