Guaranteed Income The experiment that could end welfare

This article is from last year.

Evelyn Forget, May 1, 2016. Guaranteed Income: The experiment that could end welfare. albertaviews

Evelyn Forget writes about the Mincome experiment and its applicability for today.

The Canadian experiment with a GAI demonstrated its benefits: longer maternity leaves, better educational outcomes, better nutrition, better physical and mental health, less pressure on other social programs, no significant evidence that primary earners work less, and considerable evidence that the women and children who do work less spend their time in socially beneficial ways.

Hat tip to Candice for sending me the link.

Meet-up June 20

Our next meet-up is next Tuesday, June 20, at 6:30 pm. We are meeting as usual in Hub Mall, at the LRT Lounge (the first lounge from the south end, on the left, just up and across from the Tea and Coffee Company). If you want to join us, RSVP at so you can get a description of us so you can find us.

This month we’re going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of having a BI, among other things.

Next meet-up May 23rd

Our next meetup is on May 23rd. We’re meeting in Hub Mall at the University of Alberta, as usual, at the LRT Lounge near the south end of the mall, at 6:30 pm. All are welcome. You don’t need to let us know if you’re coming, though you might want to RSVP if you don’t know what we look like.

This month we’re going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of a basic income compared with what we have now.

Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy

The federal government is looking for feedback from Canadians on poverty reduction. They are accepting feedback right now, until June 2017. There appear to be a variety of ways to contribute.

April meetup – talking about types of basic income

Candice, Sharon and I (Anemone) met at Hub Mall this evening for about 2.5 hours, talking about the different types of basic income (BI) and their pros and cons (and about a whole lot of other things, too). Here is a basic summary of our discussion of different types of basic income, with some of my own thoughts. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments.


There are two main types of basic income: a universal demogrant (UD) and a negative income tax (NIT).

A Universal Demogrant (UD) is tax-free money that everyone gets, regardless of what they earn. Higher earners pay higher taxes on their other earnings, and will end up paying more in income tax than they receive as a UD, but they still get the UD up front.

A Negative Income Tax (NIT) is money that some people get, based on their previous year’s tax return. Everyone who earns below a certain amount would have their income topped up by the difference between what they earned and the threshold in the following year.

Negative income taxes can come in various forms, depending on what happens above the threshold. Continue reading

Guy Caron campaigning on Basic Income

Guaranteed Basic Income on Verge of Take-off in Canada. It holds appeal across the political spectrum. Plus, Elon Musk is sold.
Susan Delacourt, 2 Mar 2017, at The Tyee, reposted from iPolitics.

Guy Caron is promoting basic income in his campaign for the NDP leadership:

“The problem with the NDP is we were never able to submit an economic platform that would actually make people dream, inspire people. This is what I want to do,” Caron said on CBC’s Power & Politics. With a basic income, he said, “people (could) actually think of their future rather than thinking of what they will have to eat.”

Hat tip to Fred Douglas for the link.

Meet-up April 18

Our next meet-up is on Tuesday April 18th (two weeks from today). We’re going to meet at the University of Alberta, in Hub Mall in the LRT Lounge (the area with tables near the south end of the mall on the west side, just up and across from The Tea and Coffee Company), at 6:30 pm. We’ve decided to talk about the different models of Basic Income, so feel free to do some advance reading (or not).

Reminder – meet up on Tuesday


This is just to remind people who are on the subscription list that some of us are meeting in Hub Mall, University of Alberta at the LRT Lounge (near the south end, west side, near the Tea and Coffee Company), on Tuesday March 21, and you can arrive any time between 6 and 6:30 and not be late. (We’ll pick an official start time for next time.) Parking is free in the area after 6pm and paid in the lots next to the mall. I will be there for 6pm, and I am the one who wears all green and does not wear shoes. 🙂

If anyone else wants to join us you are more than welcome, and if you think you might be late email me ahead of time, just in case we move somewhere else before you arrive.

See you then.

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Meetup March 21

Candice and I will be meeting March 21, at HUB mall at the University of Alberta, in one of the lounges, sometime in the late afternoon or evening (after 4:30 pm). If you want to join us (please do!) and a particular time works best for you, you can reply to this post or email me at Also, if you have a favourite lounge, let me know. We’ll probably meet at the one across from the coffee shop that’s open in the evening, at least to start with. I don’t remember what it’s called but will update when I do. We’ll probably also meet at 6pm because that’s what we did before, but we can change it to suit whoever’s coming.

I think we need to go back a bit, and just talk about what we want to do and where we’re at.

Also if anyone wants to meet me at another time to talk about basic income or the group, I’d be happy to meet with you.