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Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy

The federal government is looking for feedback from Canadians on poverty reduction. They are accepting feedback right now, until June 2017. There appear to be a variety of ways to contribute.

Feedback on Finding a Better Way: A Basic Income Pilot Project for Ontario

Finding a Better Way: A Basic Income Pilot Project for Ontario, by Hugh Segal, has been posted online at There is both the full document and an executive summary. There’s also a link, waaaay down at the bottom of the page, to where you can submit comments.

I submitted a comment that I want to repeat here, because I think it’s an important point that needs to be discussed. Continue reading

Malcolm Torry and the Citizen’s Income

The British author Malcolm Torry has been writing about a universal basic income for the past few years, and here are links to a couple of his books, the latest one having just been published this year.

His 2013 book Money for Everyone, which goes into great detail on the benefits of a basic income as well as ways of implementing it, can be found here:

Money for Everyone

His latest one, The Feasibility of Citizen’s Income, is linked in this interview:

Interview: The feasibility of citizen’s income

I highly recommend reading Malcolm Torry to anyone interested to learn more about the universal basic income, how it could work, and how to achieve it.

Write an Effective Letter for Your Cause

by Fred Douglas

“The primary source of evil is inequality.”  -Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The cause in this case is a basic income.  Here are some suggestions for an effective letter to our elected public servants on that topic.  These guidelines are for those who know what a basic income is, and for those who want to know what it is.  In short, having an assured basic income would be a measure of economic democracy for all citizens living in this country of astounding abundance.  And it’s something that would be good for the economy.

However, if you have another pressing concern, what follows can be modified to suit your needs.  Take whatever you need from the following points.  Remember, a progressive letter is a simple letter, but one that covers the essential bases.  Someone in your group could construct a cogent salvo and all members could sign it. Continue reading