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We’re not really active right now

In case you’re wondering, we’re not really active right now. There aren’t enough of us and not everyone has enough time right now, unfortunately. But we’re all still very interested and hope more people will get involved in promoting basic income here in Edmonton.

I (Anemone) am willing to meet up with anyone who wants to talk in person, or we can email ( You can also contact the Calgary group, who are more organized and who are looking to organize people across Alberta. They’re at

In the meantime this site isn’t going anywhere.

Reminder – meet up on Tuesday


This is just to remind people who are on the subscription list that some of us are meeting in Hub Mall, University of Alberta at the LRT Lounge (near the south end, west side, near the Tea and Coffee Company), on Tuesday March 21, and you can arrive any time between 6 and 6:30 and not be late. (We’ll pick an official start time for next time.) Parking is free in the area after 6pm and paid in the lots next to the mall. I will be there for 6pm, and I am the one who wears all green and does not wear shoes. 🙂

If anyone else wants to join us you are more than welcome, and if you think you might be late email me ahead of time, just in case we move somewhere else before you arrive.

See you then.

(Edited to add the date)

Alberta Mayors back Basic Income

It turns out that Alberta mayors back the concept of a Universal Basic Income. Edmonton mayor, Don Iveson, has stated support for testing minecom policies in Calgary and Edmonton, while Calgary mayor, Naheed Nenshi, suggested that the implementation of a negative income tax could assist those living in poverty.

Which is why the upcoming Forward Thinking Speaker Series hosted by the Edmonton Public Library is so exciting. On December 7th, Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson and Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi will be participating in a Mayors’ Forum, moderated by Paula Simons, on the topic of building strong communities. This will hopefully be a great opportunity for them to address poverty and the possibility of Calgary and Edmonton participating in a Basic Income pilot project. Check out the Speaker Series website for tickets and details.

Forward Thinking Speaker Series

Basic income idea wins backing of Alberta mayors