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Guaranteed Income The experiment that could end welfare

This article is from last year.

Evelyn Forget, May 1, 2016. Guaranteed Income: The experiment that could end welfare. albertaviews


Evelyn Forget writes about the Mincome experiment and its applicability for today.

The Canadian experiment with a GAI demonstrated its benefits: longer maternity leaves, better educational outcomes, better nutrition, better physical and mental health, less pressure on other social programs, no significant evidence that primary earners work less, and considerable evidence that the women and children who do work less spend their time in socially beneficial ways.

Hat tip to Candice for sending me the link.

Dr. Evelyn Forget: It’s 2016, do we still need a B.I.G.?

This was a talk given at the Northern Policy Institute BIG Conference 2016, October 5-6, 2016. Dr. Forget is the researcher who dug into the files from Mincome and started analyzing the data. The video is 26 minutes long. You can see her slides here.

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